When I was 13, some of my girlfriends invited me over for a sleep over. When I got there, I went upstairs to my friends room. I saw my friends, Maddie, Katie, Tina (you can see her topless in my albums.) and Hannah. We all said hi and it was about 6:00 so no one was really tired. We just talked for a while. Then Hannah stood up and said that she was going to the bathroom. When she left the room, Tina said, "When she comes back let's ***** her down to her bra and panties."
We all agreed and got into a position. When she walked back in, Tina, who was hiding behind the door, pushed her onto the bed and pinned her arms down so she couldn't move. I ran up and grabbed her Spandex shorts and pulled them down and slipped them over her feet. Now her black thong was fully exposed! I spanked her a little and she started to scream and laugh. She begged us to stop, but us being the great friends we are, did not. Katie grabbed her shirt and pulled it off. Now Hannah was only in her black thong and pink and black bra. She was blushing but still smiling. We all loved it! She sat on the bed and tried to cover her underwear. "Give me my clothes back!" Me and Katie gave her back her shorts and her shirt. We were all still giggling when Hannah suggested we all play Truth Or Dare. We all agreed.
"But, the twist is that we can only do dares. No truths." Everyone said Ok. So we all sat down and Hannah said "Tina, I dare you to take off your shirt and pants." Tina seemed kind of shocked. She got all red in the face and she took off her shirt and pants.
"Oh, My, God! What are on your panties?" Said Hannah.
She was wearing Little Mermaid panties! We all started laughing. She got even redder. When we were all done laughing she had another dare.
"I dare everyone to ***** to their undies."
"Hey, you're only allowed to dare one person." I said.
"I don't care. In Truth or Dare you can pick dare." No one felt like arguing with Tina so we all took off our clothes and sat down in our bras and panties. It was Tina in a blue bra and Little Mermaid panties, Hannah in what she was wearing before, Katie in pink bikini panties and a white bra, Maddie was wearing a blue thong and green bra, and I was wearing a pink thong and pink bra. Now everyone was embarrassed together. It was my turn, so I said
"I dare Katie to go outside in her panties."
Katie looked at me kind of shocked. "What!?
"You heard me." We all went down stairs to the front door. I pointed at a tree about 300 yards away. "Run to that tree and back." I said.
Katie opened the door and started to run.
"What are you girls doing?" We heard from behind us. It was Hannah's mom. "Why don't you girls have any clothes on?" I realized that we were all in our undies.
"We're just playing a game." Said Hannah.
"Ummmm, okkkkkk." She walked away and Katie knocked on the door. She was locked out. we just all laughed at her as she begged to be let back in. A couple cars went by and we finally let her back in. She was red in the face. We all walked back up to Hannah's room and sat down again. I dare Jane and Maddie to run to the park in only their panties. I looked at Katie and she smiled at me. We all walked downstairs again and I opened the door. I took a step out and Katie stopped me.
"Hey, only panties. Give me your bras."
"Katie, please." I begged. She just held her hand out. We took off our bras and gave them to Katie and started the most embarrassing run of our lives. We kept having to duck into allies and behind fences or bushes. Lucky for us, the park was about 3 blocks and it was already pretty dark, so there wern't a lot of people. When we got back to the house I tired to open the door but it was locked. Tina was there and laughing her head off. I begged her to let us in. But, as I was doing so Katie and Hannah came up behind us and gave us both wedgies. Katie wedgied me so hard that my thong broke. Tina unlocked the door and ran out and started to take pictures of both of us topless and being wedgied. To this day they still tease me about that day. So, here are some photos of Hannah and Katie now. I took these without them knowing

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