My Family Thinks I Am Thought

but i am not over her. i am having a hard time not texting her or commenting on her stories or blog. I cleaned my car for two hours to get my mind off of my new current life situation without you. I am forcing myself to change. i lost you becuase i was a monster.
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Yes I sort of understand where you are coming from , I was like that with my ex wife, we were married for 10 years , we divorced 10 years ago next April.<br />
Throughout my marriage I was controlling and had no respect for her, she eventually had an affair witha chap from work and married him , they divorced a few years later.<br />
At first I was upset about the breakup, I felt guilty , I realised that I would of hated living with me too if I was someone else.<br />
My ex wife is a wonderful person, we get on really well now, I never regretted marrying her, just the way I treated her, but to be fair to me, when I look back I wonder why on earth I married her we had nothing in common, must of been lust lol !<br />
I have over the years met many other women, Im currently with someone 16 years my junior, but I dont treat anyone I have met since my divorce like I did my ex wife, she didnt deserve any of it , Im graetfull that when I do see her, which isnt very often now (since our son has grown up and left home) that she stops , smiles and has a talk with me and asks me how Im doing.