Time Seems Slow

I am recently divorced after a 10 year relationship.I have relocated and trying to move on.The breakup was mutual ,but after I realized how deep I felt for her.Like most thing you realize too late.I was doing ok and a few weeks ago she calls and is moving into a place that dont allow pets.I agreed to meet her half way to pick up my dog and was surprized she came with her new boyfriend. We talk for a short time and left on our way.I know i want her to be happy,but that sight just reopened some pain.I know the guy and he is a super nice guy and i want to say i hope it works out,but I dont know if id be lying or not.Thats my story that seems ever so common.
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3 Responses Apr 5, 2011

I know your pain. She's a fast mover...probably on the rebound. Don't let it hurt you. I'm sure she is numbing her pain as well.

thnx..i wish it was a feeling i wanted everyone to have.

I know exactly how it feels.....sigh.