Not What You Think...

My mother wasn't around much as a kid, liked to be with the two idiots she married rather then spend time with us. Over the years I've tried to be close to her but I just can't. I'm not over her, the pain, the fact that I just can't stand up to her. My grandmother taught me respect and I just can't fight back when it comes to her.
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I understand what u feel about your my mum, same goes with me..But at least u still have your grandma with u, for me I'm alone. <br />
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i agree with @SuperMother2010.

oh yes another casualty of the respect generations **** THAT ****

I don't know that she was bad but certainly in her own world. We speak now but not too often. oh well...

aww well i am sorry she is such a bad mother :(<br />
at least you can continue to find solace and peace with your grandma, right?<br />
but i know i know it's not the same...<br />
sometimes we just have to find peace with what we were given from the getgo.<br />
and we have to deal with it best we can and not let it get in the way of our dreams and working hard.<br />
i hope you can keep your head up and find others who will bring you up and treat you the way you deserve to be treated :)

Sez I hope so too.... <br />
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As for my egg donor... when I was prego w/ my first she told me that my daughter would not be allowed to call her grandma because she was too young and that we should use first names.<br />
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She only came to the hospital for my son as he was in the NICU for a while... she seems to favor the boys in the family... my brothers are weenies because of it. Tall, strong, handsome, wimps. GGRRR!!

well, it's okay that they don;t, because they have you for a real mom! not a stand in, no matter how wonderful they were, you know? no sense in trying to change someone...i am sure your kids are fine w/o her.

My grandparents both passed away holding my hand... they, to me, WERE my real parents. I only wish my children had the same type of relationship...