I Have To Let Him Go

I love him with every cell in my body. When we met he was a distraction, I was bored on my own with 2 children and needed some fun and attention. i didnt know i would fall in love with him. It was wrong of me to go with a man that was already in a relationship I know. We fell in love or at least I did. He left her and went back and I took him back. Thats how its been for ^ months he has been two and frowing between 2 women. He lies and lies to both of us!! She will never let him go and has told everyone that no matter what he does she will always take him back!! He goes back to her though and I dont know why? Its probably because he can. we spent a fabulous 2 weeks together he told me he loved me and he wasnt going to do this to me anymore. Then he left again. He went to her!! He is calling and texting me saying he still loves me. I have told him its over, just like I have all the last times he has gone and I have always had him back. I cannot do this anymore. I need help to be strong to stay away to ignore him. His family are lovely and they all like me. They have told me that he will never change and to make the break from him and find happiness with someone else. I want and need to do this for not only myself but my childrens sake.
I have to let him go now How do I do this???? I know when he comes back he will be following me, calling me, chasing me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need him to know that I am not a doormat and I have to walk away from him. HELP
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

All I can say is I am going through this also the truth is the only way you will ever have him is to leave him completely you are enabling him not only to use you but to make them stronger because you are filling needs that he is not getting from her. STOP all contact now