The Liar

That was years ago, I say
I have no feelings left
For a brainy guy
With chocolate eyes...
I was the one that left!

Of course I'm fine and moving on
My heart is good as new
Why would I bleed?
I do not need
To always cling to you

I'm on my own
And very strong
You see? I'm doing good!
My heart is whole
Or is that hole?
They're not tears...I'm just...

To you, to me, to everyone.
And I'm not even really trying
To pick up the shattered bits
Of a heart
That found its soulmate twice
And lost them both;
One to death (Oh Julie!)
And one to stupidity
And ignorance
And the cruelty of assuming you'd always be there.

I bleed
But lie to the wider world

Of course I'm over you.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Dec 15, 2012