We All Have Our Defects

not one of us is perfect really,

not one of us is the epithet of the divine god/goddess,

we all have our defects,

be it gaping front teeth,

wearing glasses,

biting our nails...

having a little bit too much curves,

or having so much scars within feeling so broken and not having enough energy to carry on...ETC.


Well I have learned from two sisters who have some disease,

that doesn't make them look normal at all,

yet in spite of their shortcomings because of the illness they still SHINE THEIR LIGHT,

AND they choose to be GOOD BUBBLY PEOPLE,

they don't sit in a corner crying and feeling sorry for themselves,

they go out into the world smile touching others with the LOVE THEY HAVE IN THEIR SOULS...


It is all what is about in the inside really,

the physical will always be flawed in each person,

but within each person beneath the physical lies a light,

that can be very beautiful if they just believe in their light,

and the will to shine it....

not letting your scars or "disabilities" hold you back...

making a difference telling people life is more than about the physical reality,

it is about something far deeper than meets the eye...

keeping the emotions alive and the need to touch the hearts of others making a difference in at least someone's INNER WORLD with your SOUL TOUCHING THEIRS...


indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 24, 2012