I try so hard to be it. Perfect.

I try to be the perfect person. I certainly am not perfect and maybe that’s the problem.

Perfect is everything I will never be.

Perfect is lovely, everyone wants it.

Perfect is being known as the good person, it’s having people wanting them around, and it’s meeting someone who never wants it to leave.

Perfect doesn’t have it all but is the happiest person emotionally and physically.

Perfect never feels down, it never feels alone. It goes where it wants with ease and draws people in.

Perfect looks amazing in everything and has a contagious laugh.

Perfect is amazing, capable of anything.

Perfect is close to their whole family and has no secrets.

Perfect has it together and knows what direction to go.

Perfect makes everyone proud and never feels ashamed.

Perfect is in love and is loved back deeply.

Perfect is everything I will never be...
valkor5 valkor5
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Meh, perfect people are annoying :P