I don't understand when people act like I can't make a mistake like thy judge me and expect too much from me. Like 4 god's sake I'm jst a human I was born 2 make mistakes I'm not perfect.
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I don't disagree! But there has to be a certain amount of expectation in order for us to better ourselves. It comes from parent community and friends. If we didn't wish for everyone to be better off, we wouldn't care what they did. Unfortunately some people don't bring it to light in a way that is not threatening to someone who is struggling.

Yeah I strongly agree with but when I say they expect 2 much from me is like if I like I can't fail a test or etc...

There is a huge difference between expectation and demands. In a parent child relationship the parent should always want and expect the best, "that they see that their child can do". Expectations beyond that are only serving their own egos. It's a very fine line. But it's as clear as a bell when the parent see their child as an individual and not a mini me.

Wow that's a great way 2 put it thanks for sharing your thoughts

Your very welcome, I hope it helps with your dealings in life! The only thing I expect from you, is that you will be the best at everything that you can be the best at! :)

Aww thanks your so sweet and that comment made me smile .. I wish the same 4 you 2😊

One of the most rewarding thing in life for me is to see another's smile, and know that I might have had something to do with it! So the pleasure is all mine! And thank you!

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Your looks are perfect


Hha it's okay