I Don't Even Try

I gave up on that idea a long time ago. There is just too many things wrong with me. I easily love, I give all to nothing, I'm a sucker for batting eyes, y snore, don't eat well, smoke, to shy, loosing my hair...etc

O' well at least I know it is just the beginning of my list, and I have lived with it till now.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

you sound perfectly normal to me to!

My list would be very short underneath, but thanks for the idea. Toluvis, you are very sweet.

You are far from perfect- so many faults WOW...<br />
<br />
I have one word to describe you ---- NORMAL -----<br />
<br />
someone filled your head with lies '- who in the world is perfect?????

Since when is being a sucker for batting eyes a bad quality? That should be on your "things I like about me" list. BTW, you should make one-- you don't have to share it, but it may make you feel better :)