And It's Fine

Even though I sometimes want to be, and to the detriment of others around me, I know I never will be.  And even though no one is, I still find it can be difficult to really believe it.  But I'm trying.  The is a difference between being a perfectionist and wanting to be perfect.  It is a self esteem issue to want to be perfect but only an attitude towards something that makes a person a perfectionist.

IamGone IamGone
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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

My upbringing was a model for trying to act or come across as perfect. It made everything look "normal" and fine. I've carried it for a long time and even though I'm aware of it it is still challenging. But it does sound like a wise thing to not let it get in the way of the good things in life.

I agree once being a perfectionist..I also never felt superior to anyone nor did it ever cross my mind.I also never thought much about what mine had stemmed from except that my father was an extreme perfectionist and still is in many ways.When I think back I can see that there were probably many things that mine stemmed from and I can remember how exhausting that it could be.<br />
When I went through my depression for three years and worked so hard to finally pull myself out of it..perfectionism just didn't seem as important.

Well God knows I am not superior to anyone. And for sure striving to improve is an attainable and realistic goal. I think that being perfect can stem from not wanting to be criticized. But to accept oneself and be secure within ourselves protects us somewhat from criticism.

I use to be an extreme perfectionist but when I learned who I was and that the only person that I had to be true to was myself..I no longer had to be perfect nor do I want to be.I'm just me and I'm happy with that!