Far Far Away From Perfect!!!!

yea I AM NOT PERFECT..actually i am far far away from being perfect!! but i got raised to be perfect..to do all what i can to be perfect.. mum is perfect..dad is perfect..i have to be perfect!!! the life they provide me with is so perfect!!! i am the first child so..i faced this pressur to be perfect.. to have the highest scores in exams..to be perfect in everything i am med student..i almost graduate ..i try my best to be good in my study i know it may sound silly..but i didn't choose and they didnt force me to go med school :D i just want to be perfect doughter..so my dreams wasn't for me..all was for them i am not saying being DR is bad for me..actually its really super good for me..to have this kind of dream but i wonder..if they weren't so perfect..if i was just normal...kid..what would i choose to be? i find it hard Q...cos i have never give my self the chance to choose freely maybe i would be writter?:D i don't know probably being DR is for the best..of everybody after all :D
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3 Responses Nov 12, 2010

Sometimes, you need have a rest and be yourself!

thanks :)<br />
i think u r right :)

Congratulation; being Dr. is great; you can always write later.