Human's Are The Most Confused Critter's On Earth

If I was ask to sit down and make a list of all the thing's I thought I was the very first thing at the top of my list would would have to be Imperfect, It would not be somthing I thought I was but a fact that I am. I make mistake's and do stupid thing's and can see and accept myself for who and what I am. Most human's seem to fight that and live therir life attempting to get everybody else to believe that they are somthing that they are not. Why do only human's do that ? You take a dog for instance, they know they are a dog and dont try to be anything else. When it meet's another dog it just goes right to it's butt and say's hello because that is what a dog does. It does not sit down and stick out it's paw and bark, hello my name is rover. Many human's are alot like dog's in that if they are alway's up your butt about this or that then they just cant live a happy life.

Let's look right here on EP. I read a story by sombody that had joined a group that want's to fuss about people that mispell word's when they write a story. Now we all know that a word spelled wrong can doom all of mankind into ignorance right ? Anyway you pull up this person's profile only to see they list their imperfection's with out any problem but can see and point out everybody else's and complaine of them. What make's my imperfection's any different then your's ? Why it is wrong for me to have inperfection's but your's are ok ? I have a ton of then on my list and as time pass's I am sure I will be adding to that list. If I ever climb up onto my high horse I hope that sombody smack's that puppy on the butt and he buck's me right back down to the ground where I belong and I can then add bieng a stupid snob to my imperfection list and learn my lesson. My Best
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1 Response Dec 13, 2010

One thing is certain..a bit of humble pie never hurt anyone. Some people have to learn it the hard way.They cry the longest & loudest. Lesson learned, The end.