And I Don’t Try To Be

Why bother trying to be perfect? First, I don’t know exactly what can be considered perfect and I doubt someone does. See, perfect, like beauty and success, is such an abstract thing. No one really know definite standards of being perfect. Everyone has his own definition of perfect and that definition would keep changing. As remarkable as “perfect” sound,  trying to be someone that you don’t have  clear idea is, that just exhausting and not to mention confusing, and you never will be. Beside, from social point of view, being perfect is such a burden. Just like that shiny expensive Lamborghini,  its maintenance alone would give you a lot of headaches. 
And people are  still gonna hate you anyway, no scratch that, people would hate you even more. Lets be honest now, if we meet someone that appears so perfect and flawless and lead such amazingly perfect life, we either (a) wonder if this person really human, Stepford Wives/Husbands perhaps? or (b) suspiciously thinking that he is fake, or most likely (c) irritably jealous and hate him and possibly hoping to find some defects out of him and laugh at it in his face . So why would I put myself into that? 
We all know the saying “nobody is perfect, until you find someone that you love.”  Don’t read it wrong, its not being perfect that make you loved, but people who love you would love your imperfection too and still find you great. So instead trying so hard being perfect, I choose to make people comfortable enough around me, and make sure I’m the person that they can trust to not hurt them. Its not perfect persona that make you happy, lovable, and successful, its how you deal with your flaws and learn from mistakes. After all, flaws and mistakes  are what make us can grow as a person. 
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3 Responses Apr 1, 2012

I'm disappointed. I thought my search for the perfect person was over. I'll have to keep looking.

Beautiful article :)

you are a pretty good writer. I like how you think. I'm a A type personality so I am kinda hard on myself and a perfectionist sometimes..and yeah it is stressful. I now try to do my best and not too hard when I dont do as great and just try to have fun and be myself. Coz it's like you said...people are always going to find something they don't like about you and to talk about. So might aswell live how you wana live and have fun along the way. Nice post.

Aww thank you :) I thin its okay to be A type personality (its awesome) but we never can please everyone, can't we?

Nope! can't please everyone...better just to have fun and be the best without stressing out about it :)