My Love Grows More With Each Passing Night

My first story was about discovering how he likes to cross dress. We began to reverse rolls also. I love making love to him and he loves to be feminine while I wear the strap on I picked out just for him. He loves when I make love to his entire body. The look on his face while he is laying down in our bed and I put my **** inside of him is a look of peace, content, love, and more things that are hard to describe. We have discovered things about each other and ourselves and are truly happy with this role reversal. (I still love him making love to me and love the fact that he loves both) Last night, we shaved his legs. Wish I would have trimmed the hairs first lol because we ruined a $20 razor in the process of the first leg. He admits that he loves for me to call him baby girl. I just wish we lived in a more accepting world so that he could be his true self 100% of the time instead of only at home. My love grows stronger every day and when I look at him, no words have to said and I know he is feeling the same. I have found my one and only. I knew he was it the first night I met him, but now we are both sure of what we feel and until we found eachother, neither one of us had the nerve to tell another partner what we truly wanted. I wish that all relationships could be as accepting. He is not perfect, nor am I, but we are perfect for eachother.
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That's a great story and is a lot like my wife's and mine. For us it is not so much role reversal, we are more like best girlfriends and sexually more like lesbian partners. Alasandra gave you some good advice ... like her I too am taking hormones, have been for quite a while, and it is great.

Please be patient with each other as you explore. For years dressing was enough, once My child bearing was over (7 is enough) I found that I longed for something more but never figured it out till last year. I am now on the path to personal freedom of an amazing kind. I wondered and then became interested in the wonder of having just small breasts of my own to fill out the clothes just a bit. I started taking hormones from an Australian Pharmacy online where they are quite painless to get. I 3 months I had arrived at a B cup size and look a look at it all. The sensitivity of them taught me the ways of the breast, I explored and discovered just what made them stand and be proud, and what caused this rushing feeling that before long had me breathing quite hard and I sat back and smiled. Next my wife and I found that sitting close, or standing up and hugging our nipples were toying with each other. For me my knees get weak and I find myself getting flush in no time. For her she now gets the ace treatment because I know now how to bring out the most pleasure to my own she too gets the same treatments. Well my featured story and the subsequent posts to it define the path I am now on. <br />
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Not all cross dressing leads to transition, but the wonder of what hormones can do to your hubbies sensitivity is something to be considered, and they can be stopped at any time. It takes an average of 1 -2 years to see what will come out of breasts grown on hormones. A number of things effect it, your body size, your diet, the mount of hormones, and yes the size of his moms/sisters twins that predict where they will end up. My mom and sisters all have DD or larger, so I have a lot to look forward to. <br />
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Hugs Ali