Girls Vs Boys

I have had a boyfriend for four years now, I am in a 'friendship group' of five girls, and none of them have had boyfriends and I constantly have this struggte of Girls Vs Boys.
Let me introduce you to my 'friends'
Tania: she is athletic boy orientated and cunning
Bianca: self centric, beautiful, unaware
Yvonne: introverted, quiet, supportive
Alexis: Fashionista, understanding, reliable, always sits on the fence
Hannah: Stirrer, fun, gorgeous, fighter

Tania is going overseas for a five months, this year I have seen her twice (my birthday where she left after an hour) and a friends twenty first, which she spent most of the time with a group of boys she is obsessed with, as she says 'scarlett, it isn't my fault i can't explain to you but i feel like i need to please these people'.

I ask Tania every few days to catch up, there is always some excuse, I have to go to the gym, I have to do this, my friends uncles brothers dog died. I offered to meet up with her on Saturday, but she had to go to Bendigo. On Friday she informed me she is no longer going to Bendigo and asked to catch up, I said I could, but I already made plans with John can he come. She replied with, 'i would prefer it if it was just us, i do like him, i just want to catch up us two'. I said fair enough and waited for her. After a half an hour wait she called me and said She was in the area and asked me to catch up with her at Coles and the Chemist with her mum. I do not understand why I am expected to hang out with her and her mum, but she can't have lunch with me and by boyfriend. Being slotted into a grocery shop is insulting enough but these double standards irritate me. I then asked to catch up on Sunday or Monday but she already had plans.

Bianca after talking to Tania and realising Tania was going to meet up with me called me at 3pm Saturday and asked me to join her and Tania at a hotel for a swim and dinner. I said, I would love to but I already organised to see John '(the only night in the week I can see john is Saturday) and she said, 'oh okay' as it is not a possibility for John to come for some reason.

My friend Yvonne messaged me asking what I was doing and I invited her over for dinner, we cooked then looked at old photos etc while John was watching footy.

This morning I woke up and the text messages started. Please keep in mind I only got invited to this event 3 hours before, and with Tania, I try nearly every day to catch up but there is always some excuse. ALWAYS.

Bianca:how was your night
Scarlett: Good, Yvonne came over a nd we went through all our notes to each other from year ten, some funny as ****! - they were notes we used to pass around in English and Maths
Bianca: I thought you were busy with John last night? And Yvone said she was busy
Scarlett: I said I have John with me, I didn't say I was busy with him. The only night i can see him is Saturday night, so I wasn't going to leave him alone at my parents house while I go off with you and Tania.I have no idea what Yvonne said to you, I know she had work in the morning, she messaged me at six asking what I was doing and I invited her for dinner
Bianca: Why didn't you come to dinner
Scarlett: I am at a fiftieth I will call you after
Bianca: why didn't you
Scarlett:When I said I have John over with me you went all quiet and said okay. Im at a dinner I will call you later
Bianca: No I didnt say okayFair enough but it is a bit odd since you could see yvonne. I don't care if you didn't want to go, just admit it, I thought it might me nice to do it before Tania goes away. John isn't going anywhere. What are you going to do with John moves in, see him eve;ry saturday just because he can't sit at home.
Scarlett: I wouldn't cancel plans on you so why would I cancel on n him. I have spent two out of the last 7 saturday nights with John. It isn't like I spend every waking moment with him. If Tania really wanted to see me before she left she would have made a bigger effort than asking me to go shopping with her and her mum. What happens between me and Tania is between me and Tania. Saturday nights won't be different from now, if I make plans with John im not going to ditch him, which I wouldn't do to you or anyone else last minute
Bianca: I am not saying anything about you and Tania. Im just saying I wanted a dinner for us all. Tania didn't come up with it I did. It was the only weekend I wasn't working so i thought it would have been nice. I will remember to plan something three months in advance so John can find someone to hang out with for the night so he isn't at home by himself all alone.

I havn't replied.
This isn't the first time.
Am I doing something wrong that I can't see.
I am sick of this battle of girls vs boys.
What would you say to a friend like this.
Please help.
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May 6, 2012