I didn't know where to post this so that is why it has ended up here. I love life right now! I couldn't have found a better man nor be in a better place. We are discovering lots of things about each other and having a blast on this journey. He is my everything!
I do read alot (and I mean alot) of stories on this site from lots of different groups. I don't often post anything about them nor my thoughts and I really don't understand why. Alot of what I read is to gain knowledge. I have learned alot from the crossdressing groups and love reading the men's stories. There are a few stories I have read from the woman's point of view and they are disturbing to me. The ones that do not know if they can handle that situation, and the ones that really make me angry are the ones that find this information out and use it against their husband/boyfriend. How can you be so cruel? I find myself wanting to make comments to those women, but I am not one to start an argument or judge anyone. They have their own opinions, but what is the use or sense in making someone miserable because you don't understand and won't accept the person you love for who they truly are? None of us are perfect.
On another note, I will try to comment more or show my appreciation after reading the stories unless I don't have anything nice to say. You are entitled to your opinion. I will just keep mine to myself. Jess
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Hi crkjlm01 I would like to expand on what you said. . .why would anyone change thier thoughts about someone because of something like this?? After all if you really loved the person you would love everything about them, and this is part of them ! I was afraid to tell my wife but came to the realization she loved every part of me and that wearing Lingerie was a part of me and she loved ME all of me all fo the quircks . If you care and love the person then it all goes hand in hand. If you can;t accept one part of your husband/wife/partner, you really aren't totally in love with them.

i agree 100%! In one of my stories I think I said almost exactly what you have just said. I loved him before I knew about this. This just came as a bonus! I love him more each day and absolutely love discovering new things about him. Who he is will not change the way I feel. I made a commitment and gave my whole heart to him and don't plan on changing that. He loves dressing up and being girly and I love the idea that he likes to shop (though he does get mad at me because I like to find the bargains) and loves having his toes painted. The fun stuff that girls only thought they could do with their girlfriends. I would much rather be in my own home doing these things with the person I love and wish more women would realize that this is a good thing.

I'm sorry I have not had a chance tor read your other story, but I commend you for your seeing the whole person and past the little quirks. I am glad you have found your true love. I sure have. Have a great weekend.

You are amazing. Your husband is very lucky to have you.

Thank you very much.

That's great and yes, Jess, you sound a lot like my wife. She says she recognized my femme side from back when she met me and then when she found out on our second date that I crossdressed and enjoyed the feminine it was, as she says, the icing on the cake.

He didn't tell me. I kinda took it out of him. I noticed from the beginning he had a very feminine side and i had to drag it out. He had wanted to for a long time but people are not accepting. I think that he would never have told me had I not said something. I love everything about him, and this just makes it better. I love him more every day and can't imagine myself not being with anyone else. He is still figuring alot of things out and realizing that being a girl is not as easy as being a boy but loves to try everything new. Thank you all for the support.

You're welcome. The more you say the more you sound like my wife, but she didn't have to drag it out of me. What you say about being a girl not being as easy as being a boy is true ... but being a girl is more fun, which no doubt with your help, your husband is figuring out. And thank you for being supportive as well.