I Can't Believe I Let This Happen.. Please Read, Might Help You

I'm 15 years old still trying to figure out the world. I've had one lengthy past relationship before, 9 months to be exact. We thought each other were great and we would never do anything to purposely hurt each other. She stayed with me threw rumors at school and all kinds of stuff that I wouldn't of dealt with.  She went so many sleepless nights crying over me, but then a accident happened and I thought she cheated on me so i ended it with her.  Being stupid as hell, I didn't even look into it, I was to caught up in the moment. Turns out she really didn't, now she won't even speak to me, she hates me because I didn't trust her when I should have.

I finally got over myself and found my current GF, I thought she was great, you know she was like a best friend to me. Nothing could go wrong in my eyes. Then she cheats on me, and I didn't leave. I didn't leave an actual cheater, but I left after a thought. And I stayed again, and again, and again. 5 times she cheated on me, within 4 months, and I stayed, because I was scared to be alone again, I still am.

Because of the physical relationship I have with this girl, I became attached to her, when she isn't the right one. I keep thinking dammit, if I would've just stayed with the first one id be fine living a happy life, but because I gave up on her over what I assumed, I'm left emotionally attached to some girl that doesn't even understand me, and I'm to attached to her to leave. She hasn't cheated on me for 5 months so maybe she did change, but Ill never know if she truly loves ME.

You know one things for sure is that ill never be able to forget that, and Ill always be left with regrets if I stay, or if I leave.

Lesson learned: Make sure you truly know what the hell happened, before you make a move.
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That's so sad. :(