My Imperfections Make Me Perfectly Me

i like to think that the little imperfections that i have are my perfections. nobody is perfect, if there is a true definition to perfection, but that the little imperfections you have make you perfect. whether you are big or small, tall or short, quirky or serious those little things that make you imperfect are your perfections. i know i'm the furthest from perfect, really like universely imperfect, haha but its those little things that make me imperfect are my perfections. i'm not your typical 22 year old, i can honestly say im stuck in an adult mid set. i had to grow up when i was still young so "fun" isn't in my least typical fun. but thats what makes me perfect because there will never be another me. thats something to remember i guess. there will only be you so in a sense you are a perfect you. :) yay thoughts
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1 Response May 20, 2012

This is absolutely how I think too...I know I am far from perfect...what ever that may be...but I am good with that..Like you say there is only one of each of us.<br />
My other fast belief is that if we were all alike and the same perfect, then we would be very bored and boring...same ol' same ol'...we need imperfections to keep the zest in life.