But I Keep Trying

Because that's what I said I would do from the start...

Not an original thought, but an apt one.
I'm not perfect, but I struggle with that everyday. What is perfection?  How can I achieve it? 
And then I find it.
I see a baby deer stumble around in the fields on my walks, I see a leaf gently float to the ground, I see a beautiful girl smile...  It's not flawless, but it's perfect.
That's where we get confused, I think.  At first glance, perfection, in our minds, should be flawlessness.  What is more imperfect than a torn leaf or a crooked tooth, right?  Wrong; depending on how you look at it, what could be more perfect?
Perfection isn't necessarily a lack of imperfections, it's like... the strong prescence of such total rightness that you wouldn't dare change a thing.
So yeah, I am perfect.  To somebody, anyway, there is nothing to change.  To somebody, I am so right that it hurts.  Not yet, maybe, but I like to think that I will be.  So why change?  Why try to be perfect, when it's flawlessness that I am attempting, and such a thing is not possible to achieve?
I am perfect.
She is perfect.
He is perfect.
They are perfect.
 You are perfect.

It just takes the right person to see that.
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<3 This is beautifly well written :D thanks for posting!