To My Ex Who I Have Great Hope For

I know we broke up on bad terms but we know that you still love me.
I know your dad thinks your not worth it but don't listen to him...... you are!
You have so much potential and can do way much better than your dad ever could.
Your sweet and kind and good listener. Your dad has no idea what kind of man you really are. He has no right to tell you that you are a piece of crap.
You are the biggest piece of life I had and he won't break you down for that.
You will do great in life and I hope your dad doesn't keep bringing you down to become a great person that I know you will become :)
LonelyGirl322 LonelyGirl322
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

because I was more afraid of being in a relationship with him then in love. I was afraid of his dad.

why did u break up with him?

I was afraid of his dad. I didn't know what he would've done to me if i had stayed in a relationship with him