....friends? What Kind Of Friends?

All my friends are namesake. They just use me. People may say that I have a lot of friends... but all of them are fake, backstabbing.
Yes, there is this friend. A true friend who I can share like ANYTHING with, but the problem is ... she has a boyfriend.
She uses me. She tells her mother that she's going for a walk or to some mall with me but she goes on with him and I have to hangout with other friends. I do want a relationship... so bad . But what to do? Nobody likes me that way. Guys just flirt, and then move on. Nobody gives a **** about me.
Life is a mess. I do cope up with studies and all, but I do want all the other fun in life too. Don't we all? All this reasoning and sadness just made me realize that life is really not a cakewalk.
So I now decided that I will study , study so hard, become successful and then fall in love. Will that be too late?
P.S: I'm just 13...
ThatGirl290399 ThatGirl290399
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

No one is perfect.