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I finally realize that relation ships on net never have good end i made a younger sister on net i give her my 100 % attention i love her, i respect her but today when i see my friends list she blocked me with out telling me a reason even she also blocked me from face book i am totally lost my trust from peoples. I am very upset, depressed & feeling high bp at this time. I wish she always living happy & piece full life God Blessed Her.
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If you "love and respect her", then you should give her the benefit of doubt. Before jumping to assume the worst, remember that assuming will make you an ***. Ask her why it seems like you're blocked, then show the respect of waiting for her answer and don't doubt that it's the truth when she tells you.

I could not say for sure, but sometimes I go through my list and delete people I never talk to on facebook. How do you know you are blocked? Maybe she deactivated her page.

Plus, fb has so many little privacy settings, it could be just an accident. I have no clue what others can or can't see on my page.

I understand that you are upset, did you have any other method of contacting her?

What was meant to be, will be regardless. She needs space.

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Blocking someone without telling them or giving a reason is bad.... people deserve better than that...