Again And Again

Terrified on the inside
Head full of bald uncertainty
where lies the peace matched with tranquility
When a brother can't breathe
The light that flickers in the sky has disappeared
Her glow behind me reveals my shadow
And it dances to my every footstep
The flood of sorrow engulfs the shame
and the last pain hides its vain
No more of the worst less to have the best
Reproachable indications of hurt
Madness that yearns to drive
***** that is inconsistent in its every blow
I hear
Heart, I hear
The shrieking screams that repeat
and again
I slow my pace to unite
For I have left behind what I have passed
The sickness of joy and its laughter
The excitement of its smile
Fear to my vomit
Remit of my torture
Deeper the dwell the shadow of light
Where is shallow in its form
The dampness upon my feet
Shield the cramp below my knee
The fullness in my eyes
The crawl beneath my skin
Repeat, the incantation through the tribe
The wilderness of freedom
I have no answer for question has not been made
Sky to the water in its cascade
Dwell no more
Dusty seas nor shore
Crackling the blanket and its starch
Sits afar the lark
Oh, it sits and sits and sit
Where around me does it persist
when the vines of the orchard expire
Hence, the frail cables of the old carriage
Heavy, there is, in the storm
The sails stand at ease
I hear
heart, I hear
And again...

JP Henderson
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Well written great post,thanks for sharing it with us.