I'm Not Perfect So Stop Trying To Make Me Perfect!

I am not perfect by far Im not like all the others. I dont wear makeup, I dont chat up boys or flirt, I dont act my age, I play with toys still WHO CARES! I am awkward around everyone even my friends but not my best friend, I love acting like Cartman off of South Park, I run on all fours, I bark and wimper when Im scared and Im a real werewolf and im NOT BULLSHITING!! My old bf tried to make me like her so basically she wanted to make me perfect but im not I am what I am and proud of it! We are not all perfect.
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I agree buddy and im like that to and i do excaky what u do.

I agree, you sound familar......

Kinda like my best bud....

So true! And that is exactly what I am like!!! Wow!