I make so many mess ups sometimes and dont really know when Im doing it. Some stuff I do I can cover up others things I cant and dont wanna. Wish i had more friends at school but some of them can be real bitchhes . Would love to wake up tomorrow and be 18 and make my own choices about things. One of my friends got bullied at school so i stuck up for her and other people were saying that I should have kept my nose out. cant win it feels like :(
oh and a sister who is so up her self right now its unnnreal!!!
JennyRT JennyRT
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

No one is perfect hunny. I wish I could change things about me. I wish I stood up for myself against my Mum sometimes. I wish I could get a job, and cook, and do all my school work perfectly. But that can't happen. You just have to accept your faults and look at the positive things inside of you.