Regrets That I Have Made And Trying To Fix It Before It's Too Late.

I live in the Philippines and live an almost normal life my father was a hardworking man and my mother was a hardworking dentist. I was their only son when I was a kid Im not much of a troublemaker I was once happy kid but I grew up to be a college dropout and I regret about it my parents were disappointed from my failure in college because others saw that I have a bright future aheaad but that didn't turned out well. I spent one summer in our house and everyday I get to hear my parents verbally abusing me especially when my father said I was a lost cause I felt I betrayed them. and I felt that Im not their son anymore. everyday when they talking **** about my failure all I hear in my head is suicide and when will death come and kill me thats all I hear I guess this is my form of Punishment if hell exists on earth then this is it event the trash talking doesn't stop even when I was asleep. I tried to talk them for reasons and my defense but father struck me in the head and accusing of talking back I guess thats the way they call authority. months have passed and I just educate myself in the internet then write it down in my notepad my parents still hate me but I can't blame them for that because it was my fault in the first place. My friends keep finding me on facebook but I choose to off-grid in social websites. Things change when I enjoyed waling alone in the manila bay and speaking to other people who have the same problem as I have. According to them the only solution for forgiveness was to convince my parents that I have changed. If my plan works I will type the results of my progress.
Cyclonegrave Cyclonegrave
18-21, M
Jan 23, 2013