No Such Thing As Perfect...

I am not perfect and am darn happy about it.

I may WANT C cup breasts, 20/20 vision, easier mobility, hairless limbs and top lip, shaplier eyebrows, better teeth, less pain and (the big one) a child....BUT I don't NEED them to love myself.

I have my cat, my friends and my talents so I -am- perfect in that I am a REAL person.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
7 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Thank you so much dear Kat....I'm just feeling a bit low lately. I'll let you keep your son, but thanks, hon. x

I think your as close to perfect as anyone could be..and a C cup just means they sag faster and fall lower babe.. not pretty, not pretty at all.. and why are they trying to go under my arm pits at night all of a sudden.. bad boobs.. bad boobs.. I've seen your pics.. your beautiful... (could ship you a kid too.. 19.. male.. eats anything that doesn't move quickly.. will take 2 to 3 days to finish one sink load of dishes... LOL..) I hope that you do get the child, it would be so lucky to be yours! And everything else your heart desires.. can't think of anyone who deserves these things more than you dear.. so wish you didn't have any pain of any type..<br />
with great admiration.. Kat must be a rare man, cheers!

Just goes to show how particular taste is. Was just thinking that I like small boobs, thin upper lips and hair. :-)

you are the real woman and we love you the way you are!

YOU GO GIRL!!! No one is perfect....<br />
No hairless limbs here...if I don't shave those puppies look out! The top lip? Well....I believe we turn into men later in life...I have already begun....that lip needs waxing like nobodies business! I burp, I fart, I'm human!!! Yes....I have a child that I love with all of my heart....but it is not all bliss....RealWoman...sometimes I feel like he's sucking the life out of me....they are sort of like leaches :-)

I dare the person to go eye to eye with me and say you are not!<br />