Shout out to all of you who have a sense of humor and don't take yourselves or this community too seriously! Unlike all those other insufferable, pretentious, negative, ignorant human beings
biggunsatx biggunsatx
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5 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Amen!! Lol

Glad your not on the Supreme Court of What Ever. You must be the man that's so talked about. I guess not being perfect means you can now proceed to barf on the rest of the world!!! It's Saturday!!!! I'm not perfect either. But I bet you guessed that.

Actually I think they wear butt plugs

They suck their butt plugs, & stick their pacifiers up the butt!!!

Right back @ U!! Unfortunately, not 2 many of us o/here. Life's 2 short (mayb they all wear panties)!!!

I sure don't :)