In July of this year I went on holiday to Lanzarote and fell head over heels with a boy named Lewis. He is 16 and in every sense of the word perfect, and throughout the 2weeks we were inseparable and leaving him was heartbreaking. I live in Liverpool whilst he lives in Essex and 12days after the end of our holiday he came to my house for the weekend and for my birthday and we did things and have become even close together. In 2 days I will be going on a train to his house for a few days and I want to give him my most precious gift, but I'm not sure wether that will make me more attached than I already am. Someone please help me? I love this boy but is the distance too much?
RachCoventry RachCoventry
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I would say you're to young, but I believe you can make it. But for your gift, hun keep it till he earn it. Pain is temporary, love is forever. So if you willing to pay the price, and get what's it's worth. Good luck

Thank you, I need to have a proper conversation with him☺️

How long have you known this young man for ? . I think that giving him your purity is going to make you miss him more once you leave again . Not sure if it means anything to you but , I Will be praying for you 🙏

So you're going to **** him? That will likely make you more attached. The only one who can answer if the distance is too much, is the both of you. Try and talk it out with him. If you both want it to work, it will.