I feel like everyone expects me to be...but I'm really not. And it's nice when people call me perfect but it just shows how little they know me. I don't want people to think I'm perfect. I want people to know how far away I am and accept me for my humanity cuz in all honesty I hate being fake and guarded... That life gets lonely
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Nobody's supposed to be perfect y'know and u are a great person as u are, If u were any different from what u are, u wouldn't be u!
Trust me, I've been afraid of rejection and due to that I always became what people wanted or expected from me, I made many friends and I'm still alone 'cuz none of them know me really, they only know what I wanted them to! And trust me its not pretty what has become of me, I hardly recognize my own self from the many personas I've created! Its...it really has left me lonely!

You realize the way you are feeling all hinges on the definition of "perfect" which can change wildly from person to person, society to society, and group to group. If you are putting on a front of someone whom you and or group deem to be perfect then you are kidding them and yourself. It's much less stressful and satisfying to be accepted for who you are verses someone you and your peer group think you should be. Nothing wrong with goals and trying to change behavior to achieve them at all but if the changes are always temporary and not truly desired by you think of the time you are wasting when you could be developing talents and traits you actually want.

Just be you, you will be you all your life.

Perfect doesn't matter no one is but I can relate and understand how you feel I have terrible self esteem and sometimes people saying look at you your perfect can be like have you seen me

I know how u feel when people say I'm perfect in my head I say look at me do I look perfect

People call you perfect because they want you to be proud of the person you force yourself to be. Fake it til you become it, kid. People can only know you if you let them in.

Nobody should expect you to be perfect. Everyone has flaws imperfections and makes mistakes. It what being human is. They should accept you for who you are.