I feel like I suck when it
Comes to talking to guys. Man, why am I a **** up? Why do I care? I guess I just like him...
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I know it's hard to remember, but guys are people too. Guy's have insecurities, worries, fears and things about themselves they hate but never talk about. So don't sweat it, you'll be fine.

You mean stupid stuff comes out of your mouth when you see someone you're attracted to? Welcome to the club!

Hey lighten up. Did you ever think it's not you. It might be the guys your talking to aren't into listening because they have all the answers to the questions they want to ask. Maybe you belong with guys who can actually show courtesy towards you. Maybe your actually to smart for the guys your talking to and they don't understand your questions and are too manly to ask you to explain what your asking. How about trying to imagine any relationship with any guy where you felt you were being treated with the respect and courtesy you deserve. Good Luck

Wow, some of the best words I have ever read in my life. No one has ever told me that. Thanks. Tbh, I'm gonna try to stop thinking about this, and worry about way more important things.

lol hilarious