No one is perfect just rember that
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Thanks. I forgot

Your records show you are not perfect
Can you believe he touches this cow

Pass him around....that's for Toshiba

Report him

Lady Gaga told me God made me perfectly. So was she wrong or is it different?

Aw, now why did you go and pop my bubble? I thought that there was you, at least one perfect specimen in the world.

I sure will mam.



Some people come way closer than others

U mean


I can see that every morning in the mirror :)

That ur perfect

that no one is - like me in this case :)

Except God that is perfect no one ease

U got that right

Yea...u r damn right..but stil people cant accept that

We'll I geuss not I'm just saying caues I gave six kids and I'm 32 so that's why I think no one should be perfect

And I'm preg



He who can not accept that need rebranding of mind

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