For a long time now, I've been a very self destructive person when it comes to relationships
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I guess I have a bad habit of pleasuring myself too much, if you know what I mean?

I mean I have a feeling I do know what you mean, unfortunately your perverted comments are unwanted, thank you for your input though

How so?

I constantly think he is lying, and even though I'm 100% sure he isn't, I act on the tiny thought that he is. Always questioning, and suspicious. He provides for me and loves me but I insist on testing our limits and I hate it. Obviously I'm aware I'm doing this but I get a feeling deep inside, a bad feeling if I don't act on the bad thought.

Have you tried discussing this with him?

Yes. He's very accepting, but i can tell that it hurts him that I think he would do that to me. Sometimes when I say some things we get into huge fights and I just think oh god he's going to be fed up this time and leave. But he never does.