Sometimes I think things are getting bad again. I haven't been happy in so long.
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This may be corny but I know how you feel and it will get better. After that, it may get worse again... But that's just the rise and fall of life. There may be some years of really rough times, but you will make it through and have good times too. Remember, all that matters is that
When you are 90 and you look back on your life, you think it was a pretty good one. You have so many more years to live so hang in there xx

That actually helped. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to write that. :)

That doesnt sound good. What's stealing any happiness from your life?

I have a dad with bipolar disorder. I've moved 5 times, once to a different continent. I always end up leaving the people i love. I forgot how to be happy, i guess.

Oh, yes, it's easy to lose any sense of contentment with that much moving that young - almost everyone growing up craves some stability and certainty (cos hey, so much about yourself is changing so fast). Not too much of course :/

I've moved continents a few times (as an adult) and I know how disorienting and uprooting it is, how hard to start over again and again, trying to find friends, find routines, find good places for yourself: and at the same time feeling the huge yawning gap of the last lot of people you loved.

I dont really have an answer for it, other than trying to use the internet (pretty thin gruel emotionally), and trying to find happiness in things that you can't lose by moving (activities, hobbies, sports, intellectual pursuits, whatever, so long as its something that gives you some peace and contentment).

I've never really thought about loving something that's permanent. Wow, thank you. That was great advice.

A pleasure - it worked for me, I really hope it works for you :D

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