ive been waiting for someone for 5 years. my eyes are only searching for him.
 My two hands are still holding on him. I can’t help control my feelings .love makes me sorrowful. right now I’m standing right here.
 If you come a little closer..you will see.
 my regrets of not having him now 😔 it becomes the tears and flows down.
 I love him, even today i'm still in love with him.
 yes I am wanting him this much. 
Can’t he just stay by my side man? I get greedy whenever I look at him, it scares me.
 even when I call his name, it becomes the wind and comes back to me.
 even if a lot of time passes by,
 even if he ended up forgetting about me,
I will wait for him. like this.
lifeisunfairrr lifeisunfairrr
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I hope you find him ;') you make me wanna cheer on you!

I believe in fate I also believe that at times fate needs a little nudge. I guess you have two choices be honest and tell him how you feel which I guess could back fire if they don't feel the same in return or the second choice is to carry on the way you have which tbh is prob eating you up inside but I reckon that you prob haven't found some one else to love because your holding out for this person. You deserve to be happy and if you found some one who loves you just as much as you love them then you ll soon forget about him in that manner. You are holding yourself back from being happy. Let fate decide or give it a nudge either way don't live in limbo you deserve better. Good luck

I know that feeling and I hear you hun x