Same **** different day fed up
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Well this is gonna' suck but your the only one who can change it.

Go help someone worse off then you. Become involved in something that will show yourself you have more to often than just daily boredom. You want change. Well it's not like the world is overflowing with helpers.

Good advice brother.

you should try different things

Get yourself outside , smile at the world .... Do something for yourself today .

I second that

Yeah, I hear ya!!!


What kind of job is?

Me 2

I don't like the way I feel when I'm not at home. I'm nervous and dreadfully anxious to get back.

I've managed to gear my life to where I don't have to leave for anything but groceries. My days are split between sleep, eat, tv, and internet. I think my cat even wan'ts to escape this.

I live in a town where only a handfull of people know me and only 2 know where I actually live....and that's because they helped me move.

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