I'm a man who never shows his feelings to people around him ... I'm bravely admit it ... I'm kinda of a sensitive guy !
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I don't think being a sensitive guy is an imperfection . Actually it's a really cool & rare characteristic that should be appreciated.

Thanks ... But usually being a sensitive around a hard excessive ppl is taught where you should never show emotions that they don't ever believe it or even think about it ... :/

yeah I understand how it feels like , I'm a sensitive person too , and I don't like it that much sometimes .

there is no need to show feelings to everyone around, good for you. but still, there will always be people where you can not decide, the feelings will show.

Hahah yeaah ... This is what I am afraid of all the time ... I'll be just Like "" BoooM "" :p

you will :D enjoy then ;)

Lol :v I don't think so I'll be embarrassed .. :p .