all i ever ask for is support, motivation & love from people . not money not jewelry not all the finer material things just love, motivation & love . that's seems so hard to find :( i feel myself going back to depression & i really don't wanna revisit that phase of my life again . this not a sob story , no need to feel sympathetic about it . just sharing
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I don't understand why that is so hard to find. That is all I do is give love for everyone I know. It is a Libra thing.

Real love is hard come by today somepeople don't what that is

welcome to the club . Don't feel bad if people don't understand your needs but instead be proud that you're still in one piece even without their support . And I think the real love and motivation come from within ourselves so try to motivate yourself because no one will no how to do that better than you , and try to love yourself and spread love and feel good when you do that because you're being a giver of love at that moment instead of being just a receiver and I think this feeling will be an anti-depression for you .

thank you . i do love myself & very proud of myself but it feel a lot better hearing it from other people .

Stay strong ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ surround yourself with positive people and try to be the happiest you can be. *hugs you so tight you start seeing rainbows and ponies and happy lands full of chocolate and everything you love)

Those two things are so hard to define. Everyone wants loved in different ways and are motivated by different things. To find someone that can love you they way you need loved and can motivate you how you need motivated is only half the battle. The other half is finding that person that needs love the way you naturally show love and is motivated the way you naturally motivate.
It is possible.

You don't NEED to go back there. You're a very sensitive, bright person who is going to make a remarkable contribution to hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of lives on your journey. You are just beginning your journey. Finish up school and enjoy the ride. You'll be surprised how life has a way of presenting things to you. Be well. 😀 Oh, PS: You're pretty cute too. Believe me, I've gotten around a little. I would tell you if you weren't. Always a good policy to tell the truth. 😉

thank you so much

No problem, kiddo! Have FUN on your journey. I'll see you in the funny papers! 😃