Sometimes I Hate Getting Close To People Because I Think They Will Just "Eventually Walk Out Of My Life" No Matter How Close We Are ?
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These boots were made for walking

I want to say that it will all be ok but I don't know. Every girl iv ever loved has walked away. Including my own mother. It's too early in my life to tell you it won't get better since I don't know. One can only hope. Yet hope can only take us so far.
Good luck my friend

I always try to walk away before i Know they Will walk out on me.

Had that same feeling for a Long Time after i lost a lot of Friends in a Short Time. I learned that you loose People if you change, they change or circumstances (like living in The Same City) change and you cant find a Way to each Other anymore. But that also Means that there will always be People with which it will be right if you put enough effort into it.