Not many people agree with me on this, but over the years I realized that I find being real easier than being fake. Somehow, even if I try to be plastic, I'm not convincing. I don't have the style or the attitude for it. Or the figure, for that matter. I've got nothing on barbie.

I can't wear large amounts of make-up without getting irritated. I hate the feeling of being caked in the stuff. I can't stand lipstick most of the time. It just doesn't feel comfortable.

I know my face isn't perfect, but at least when I take off the little make-up I do wear at night, I don't scare my boyfriend to death. At least my clothes leave something to the imagination. Accepting myself has been a difficult process in my teenage years, but I've learned. And even though I still find it difficult sometimes, until now I've always been able to resist the urge to hide myself behind plasticness. 

I should probably admit that it also has a little bit to do with laziness. I don't understand how anyone could have the patience to spend an hour straightening their hair and putting on make-up. I value my sleep too much. And I'd hate having to check my lipstick every hour or so. 

I really hope my boyfriend doesn't secretly wish I'd have more vanity. I do care about looking decent. I just don't want it to be fake.
TheRealJade TheRealJade
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 5, 2011

Aww I love inner beauty and people who feel like they dont want to wear make-up because they want people to see the real you :)<br />
I dont wear much make-up I have the blusher because im really pale and I like a little bit of cover up as I have spots which make me feel down if I look in the mirror but I can go days with no make up on. I love it when Im in the bath or just before I go to bed and take my make up off it makes me feel fresh