Not a Plastic Barbie Doll and I Am Certainly Not Ken Or Skipper Either.

In the cyber world you are what you write. A well-written profile is the internet equivalent of drop-dead gorgeous. With cyber it’s just letters on a screen. In the most literal way possible, you are only as good as your word.  Is this statement really true?

How does a real person make deep connections and not feel “plastic” (as one of my friends recently referred to internet relationships to be plastic)?  I came to Experience Project because I love to write and to express myself.    I am not here to impress anyone or to win some popularity contest.  I find it somehow therapeutic to write out my feelings on the computer screen.  I work through many things through my writing, and to be able to share this with others while possibly help them is empowering. I have often described how my computer is an extension of my mind and personality reflecting my attitudes and interests. Added to this fact, is that the anonymous aspect of EP allows me to be totally open about my true feelings and inner identity that a general population may not see in me.  As I read others posts and comments I realize I am not alone and in some ways I feel as if my mind is blended with that of the each of you.  How can these feelings be plastic?  These feelings are real and true, or are they? 

What you see on my posts are the real and true me.  There is no plastic Barbie doll mentality involved.  Whether you agree or disagree with what I post is really not important; however know that the person who typed those feelings is real and the words that I type pour directly from my heart.  I often go back and read things I wrote at certain low periods of my life; sometimes the tears flow freely when I re-read these.  Other times I find myself reading the more upbeat posts and giggling remembering those times in my life.  Again, how can these feelings be plastic?  I laugh, cry, hurt, love, and feel.  Plastic has no feelings and mine run deep. I guess I am not a Barbie doll after all as there is no plastic involved.


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i wanna c u:)

Wood ...... rots ..... becomes organic matter ..... replenishes ..... grows ...... the cycle never ending ..... plastic ...... a combination of many waste particles not pure ...... cheap ........ purpose mostly aesthetic ...... Nuf said ...

-_- no one is plastic... we are not toys we are real... i just like to argue don't pay any attention to me.

Nothing plastic about you, are very special and this story is extraordinarily special! Thank you for taking the time to share : )

There is nothying plastic about you girl, your as sincere as they come.

Well those aren't plastic either lol.

I think about you too Dew and I send you nothing but positive thoughts as I pray for you to have strength day to day.<br />
<br />
Ar, I know you are right in the end. I just want to be real myself and never fake or plastic.<br />
<br />
Salar, I like wood but I don't want to allow myself to get old and rot lol.<br />
<br />
My, I love you girl.

I was in the ER this past Sunday and one of thoughts was how I wanted to reach out to some of my friends at EP. Yes, I was there holding my wife’s hands as I thought I might die any moment. Of course I was thinking of my "real" family and friends but with my last breath I was also thinking of my new found friends at EP. That is as real as real gets…DD <br />
<br />
(PS. you, fungirlmmm, you were one of the individuals I thought about.)

I am what i am despite what i write. I am flesh and blood or i would be dead. No one is plastic. It is up to you to believe what they say or not but that doesn't change who they are in the end.

I think that many people who use cyberspace for contact and comment could be described as shallow , and perhaps dilutional , by hiding behind false gestures , and simple untruths in order to gain popularity or indeed some feeling of exceptance , maybe belonging ...... I have said previously in other posts that these people are deserving of pity rather than scorn..... Observation Fg ....they perhaps are plastic ..... and we..... we are wood.

You are very, very real. We were on to each other from the get go and I'm glad we're such good friends! Too bad we don't live close enough to do some real damage with our plastic!

Thanks Chameleon. You are a beautiful person, yet aren't you a mere reflection of your surroundings. You may be a chameleon but you will always stand out in my mind.

Thanks Sunny. I appreciate your comment.