What Happened To All The People Who Loved Me?

I was somehat popular in highschool. I was really popular in the dallas club scene. But now i sit here and think. I have no friends anymore. I was surrounded by ppl who loved me and thought i was cool. Now no one. How do u find thereal friends ships? the ones that will last.

pinksapphire pinksapphire
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I was never the popular one when I was in school, but I was the guy that was friends with everyone. I guess the "Silent Bob" of the school. But during that time, I had two people that I have been close too and will help them and defend them when I need to and no matter what, we will still be brothers. Now our friendship has gone over 12 years.<br />
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But if you want to find good friends, that will take time. For my circle of friends that I hang with it took me 6 months to get even close to this group. But to my suprise, when I needed them last week, they were there for me, and I will do the same for them. Now we are a family although one moved to Tampa, and I fell for the sister of the guy that moved to Tampa (different story.) If you want to find good friends, give it time and eventually you will find people that will want you to earn their trust.

oh, honey, ha ha--those are just high school friends. a fickle crowd. you'll make more friends in college!