My sister was but I'm not hahaha

I guess not everything runs in the family...

A lot of people know me, but no I am not part of the "cool" crowd per say...
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
4 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Yup that's what I am working on :) thanks for your comment..

I'm not so popular either..........just be you :)

Thanks Glassleg..I deleted his comment because I don't need negative energy in my life..

Hi baby, I have always been from the long hair and long walks brigade but hippy or not I wouldnt take **** off that ****** who`s comment makes me think that his brain is his dirty ****. Not popular? I have always been the man who will spot a phoney a mile away but I have to tell them that they are not who they are trying to fool everybody into thinking they are. Everybody will dislike somebody but nobody will let this person know until I hear about it and making sure everybody is listening will inform them that we all hate you and tell them to go away. Or beat them up until they leave. A hippy with a iron fist and a steel toe-cap, thats me. Love real genuine people like you sound. We should stick together, then if you discover that your not popular with some people I can just tell them what they are and possibly hurt them in some mildly violent way and you will always be popular from then on.