Not Popular, No Friends

I do understand the feelings all of you have for I too also felt that way. It's not being popular and having ppl all over you or around you. It first starts being you. That is liking and loving who you are. Thinking positive of yourself. Looking at your great aspects. Understanding what they are and realizing your a pretty cool girl. The next thing is just look around you. There are ppl that love you, care about you. As of right now you dont see them, but they are there for you. And your best friends are there as well. They have always been there for you. Can you even imagine what this world would be without you? The ppl you have touched and have made a differenace in their lives. Each and everyone of girls are special to one another and others around you.

I know of this b/c I too went through the things all of you are going through. I litterally had no one in my life, or so I thought. It has taken me many years to realize that I am one of a kind and that I do make a differance in others lives no matter how small it may be. I do count and I am important to others around me. I would be more than glad to be here for all of you, to be your friend when in need. I like this saying " I am here for you, You are here for me, We are here for each other. And we are.
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

My dear friend, you have made an impact on someones life. If it wasnt for you our world be different.<br />
Maybe you had encurraged someone to do something with their life, therefore, it was an improvement for everyone. If it wasnt for you I wouldnt be here talking with you. You reminded me of in an instance a life is gone. Once that life is gone there is no coming back and you, being the one to leave here, will cause much pain, anger, denial or even a death of a loved one b/c of a broken heart. Just take a moment and think about it, would you want to cause pain to a special person in your life right now? My guess is no. As for a matter of fact, would you want to make someone who has hurt you the joy of not being here? I think you would rather stick around and make a change in their life as well. Hell girl make them misserable just as they done with you. Make them unhappy with your happinest and success in life. Now that would be worth while girlfriend.

The world would be no different for anyone with me out of it.