I'm Not Hated Either

I'm a quiet kind of girl. I don't socialize too much, I rarely put myself out there in the social arena. But I'm likable. Many even call me a plain jane. I don't wear makeup and I dress comfortably. I'm just me. nO glits, no glamour, I don't keep up with the latest trends, I don't know about all the latest hit tv shows that's on, I don't care for reality tv. I just do me. In high school that often made me a not popular type. I had a very diverse crew, I was on the varsity field hockey team, I was third singles in tennis, and I even was a 200-400 meter sprinter in track. I was in all higher level classes and my teachers liked me enough. But I just wasn't THAT girl. Like I said, I was the quiet type, the "good girl" type. That's not enough to be popular i guess.
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

you know what turns some guys on the most? an athletic girl. i'm sure you are not a real "plain jane". once you grow into your looks, and you will have you degree, your career, and your talent and everything, you are the one who works in a big old city and make those ex- popular kids jealous!! by the way, dressing up isnt really that bad though. trust me. it's nice to dress nice for a while. theres a line between plastic and looking nice.

I didn't want to be popular in high school because the girls in the popular group were mean, manipulative, gossipy backstabbers!! They reminded me of the girls from the movie "Mean Girls". I didn't experience their wrath personally but saw the damage and hurt they caused other people and aspired to be no part of it.

Screw popularity anyway. Who needs it? Just be yourself & celebrate it :-)