I Am Not Popular And I Don't Want To Be

I hate popular people because they baffle good people. I am a nice person and try to be nice but its not good enough for "popular people". Popular people destroyed my highschool years which is the reason Im not attending my highschool prom because its like who needs them they **** me off. They think they own my frickin highschool. They are rude and mean to people and have followers and I can't stand them. I just can't. I rather be a nice person if it kills me than to be a bi'ch. I always find some popular people are insecure and always have to prove themseves and treat people like sh't who are inocent. The nice popular people are cool but the mean ones suck. But also you have to beware of nice people who become popular too because they might get an airhead mentality because they are popular.
iLikeBBQchicken iLikeBBQchicken
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1 Response Apr 5, 2011

Some popular people in highschool...dont amount to anything because they are used to everything being handed to them. i never wanted to be popular. because your friends arent real friends sometimes. some people never learn. but in highschool-its always better to just be themselves. the popular people also seem to make the mistake of posting themsleves drinking etc on facebook and will regret this if they interview for a job. most people let it so everyone can see their pictures. soo...haha. dumb.