I just recently started talking to a guy that is my age and not really my type. He saw me at a concert and my friends at the show knew him and he applied all this effort into getting to know me and all that and seemed really into me for no apparent reason. Well, I finally let my walls down and realized that I was having some strong feelings for this guy, and I confessed that I felt as though I was falling for him. Well...he seemed to have no response. I wasn't upset, cuz I know I am getting ahead of myself. But still...can't he at least indicate how he is feeling? just a little? He is the one who went through all the trouble of getting me hooked! I hate that guys do this. GRR
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

thats silly and stupid and why did he back up maybe a friend ask him to ask you?

I can kind of understand this from the opposite direction, recently i had this girl put so much effort into trying to get too know me and i started to grow feeling for her also as soon as that happened she backed away and decided to go after some other guy just as i grew feelings for her :(. Dont worry it happens on both ends the best thing to say is theirs plenty more fish in the sea :). It could be that but as long as he hasnt stopped what he was previously doing like getting to know you sometimes for guys its difficult too talk about there feelings but that doesnt mean he doesnt have them.