Not Popular

I'm not popular. I suppose I'm in the in-between group.

I used to wish I was popular, but I am more self-aware of popularity if I'm not around my friends. If I'm around friends then yeah, I don't even notice.
I think popularity is really stupid. Should only jocks and cheerleaders be popular? I know it's not just the 'pretty' people because there's some good looking unpopular people at my school. Some people can't play sports and are still pretty cool people.

I try not to care about popularity- honestly Do. but sometimes my self-consciousnesgets the best of me...
I uses to have barely one friend. Now I have a ton... But I'm not popular. Whether or not you have good friends is what matters, right? Friends you can trust.
Amgirl979 Amgirl979
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012