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What Can I Reallly Say

its a constent fight for me to learn to like me when i look in the mirror right now i wanna cry because i dont like what i see it might be because people say your beauty can shines from the inside out but when your ugly too the bone theres not alot you can do can you? When people call me pretty i dont belive it because whenever i get called it im or them or usally high out of there minds
nicky9090 nicky9090 18-21, F 12 Responses Oct 17, 2010

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You are awesome, I left home at 15 because my mum locked away 99% of food from me and abused me after dad died. So as soon as I found a job I was out. Congrats and I hope you can find a safe warm friendly place

Hi Nicky. How have you been doing? Any updates, Hun?

How are your surviving?

my dad it too immuture to take care of a child and my mom dousent want me and isnt fit too

my dad it too immuture to take care of a child and my mom dousent want me and isnt fit too

Why do you live on your own at such a young age and how do you financially afford so?

no but i am 16 i live on my own i can barley afford the basics

Are you seeing a regular family doctor or a shrink (psychiatrist)?

my docter dignoised me with all the things i say i have i feel like im doing fine on overcoming it on my own without meds i have a consler and i see her once a week and my mood only gets realllly bad when i havent slepy in liek 3 days in which i will get somone too watch me over and not leave me alone i just relapse somtimes that would happen with or with out meds

Did a doctor diagnose you with depression or a counselor? And who diagnosed you with stress induced insomnia? You need an MD to diagnose you and only an MD can prescribe you medication. I wouldn't waste my time with a primary care physician doctor, I would see a psychiatrist to get meds, if indeed you need them. From what my psychiatrist says, cutters need to be on medication and in therapy. You can overcome this! <br />
<br />
I am a good listening ear and have been through the whole mental health system so I may be able to bring some resources to you if you want.

i see a conselor i have been diagnoised with depression ,and i m dislexic and i also have stress induced insomnia alot of **** in my brain is messed up cuz my mom did a alot of drugs when she was pregant with me i started cutting when i was about 12 i trying to quit i relasped recently but besides that it was 4 months so i am getting better its just a everyday struggle i can wake up and be alright with myself and then other days i wanna hide from everybody because i cant handle it im not on any meds im pretty much just dealing with everything day by day it scars me because my moms is like the same but more servre and i cant be like her it scars me i have to be stronger alot of people say i look alot like my morther and i hate that because at this point in my life i would like to see less of her i just dont really now what to do because i cant help how i feel

Nicky, I'm old enough to be your mother. I just checked your profile and you say that you are a cutter. Are you in any kind of treatment for this? How long have you done this? <br />
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A cutter usually suffers from depression and/or borderline personality disorder. Which would tie into you not seeing yourself as beautiful from the depression or even body dysmorphic disorder for that matter. Your perception may be skewed.<br />
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Do you see a counselor or a psychiatrist? I say this all because I take medication for bipolar disorder and it's changed my life and even how I see myself in the mirror. I've also had a lot of counseling to deal with past traumas and post traumatic stress disorder. I've overcome so much, Sweetheart, and I share this to tell you that you can get better and be happy and proud of who you are.<br />
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Is there anything I can do to help you?